Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mexico, day 2

Well, here I am. Safely arrived in Puerto Vallarta last night at about 5.00pm to a balmy 27C sunny evening. We caught a cab to a cheapish hotel, Hotel Azteca, about 350 pesos for the night. The room was small but had a fan and hot water, so we were happy. Had a lovely dinner at a local restaurant in the neighbourhood. We were out of the main tourist area, which was great. Breakfast this morning was even better. A very nice woman with a tiny shop made us Huevos Mexicana (i´m learning to eat eggs!) which was fantastic. The salsa was very picante (HOT!) but delish.

My compatriots are waiting outside the wee internet cafe in Tepic (about a 3 hour bus ride from PV) where I write this so it´ll be a short, and not quite so introspective (!) post as the previous ones. We are heading into the mountains tonight to a ranch, where we´ll spend a week or so in meditation. I´m really looking forward to the time to acclimatize and ground myself, preparing for the travels ahead. The water is clean, the food plentiful, and the people friendly. There will be a number of Mexican nationals there, providing me an excellent opportunity to practice my Spanish. I´m already practicing as much as possible. Last night Sam sent me out on several errands, armed with rehearsed phrases to practice on local shopkeepers and the hotel staff person. I´ve got a ways to go, but I´m determined to give it my best effort. With luck, I´ll be conversant in a few months.

It´s much cooler in Tepic than PV. I´m wearing the merino wool shirt (thanks J!) and hoodie I brought with me, and my vest is in easy reach. Glad I came prepared for cooler temperatures!

Time to go. Look for more in a week or so!

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  1. Ack! been trying to post a comment ... hopefully this works. so happy you are there, and safe, and soaking up the amazing world of mexico. can't wait for another blog post!! much love to you, leslie