Friday, April 16, 2010

3 months in...

Ok, it's been ages since the last update, and due to low battery power (the computer's and mine), this will be short - but I promise to do a good update on the last 3 weeks soon.

We arrived in Flores, Guatemala yesterday at about sunset. After 3 months in Mexico, we're setting out in new territory (for me, that is, not Sam). I was warned that it would just get hotter as we went south, and it's true - and it's still early spring!

In brief, here's what we've been up to lately:

We left Bucerias and the Pacific Coast on March 26. We went to San Luis Potosi, camped in the desert, spent a few days in Mexico City, Tepoztlan, and Palenque, and now we're in Guatemala. It's been fascinating, as always, and with many learning experiences along the way.

As usual, I'm not sure what's next... but I have no doubt it'll be just as interesting. I promise to fill you in soon on the latest adventures... in the meantime, this brief note lets you know I'm alive and well until the juicy details get written.

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