Thursday, February 11, 2010

Beach holiday

Look at that, two posts in a matter of days... this one is short, however...

San Blas has been an absolutely lovely vacation. The beach here is clean, the sand is soft and white and lovely, the water is warm, the waves are high enough to play in though not high enough the past several days for good surfing. The bugs are nasty, but you can’t have everything.

We’re staying at a place called Stoners Surf Camp (I have not asked the owners to explain the name!), which was the first beach establishment built along this stretch a few years ago. They have 5 cabanas, two beachfront and three at the back. There’s a restaurant open till 6ish with cheap and tasty food and, of course, beer. We’ve befriended (I should say, Sam befriended and Erica and I joined in the fun) a couple of the staff people, which has been a lot of fun and also makes us feel more like family and less like tourists. We’ll be very comfortable to return here, I think.

Our cabana is lovely. It’s up high off the ground, with a porch to sit on., watch the waves, write, have a beer, socialize, etc. There’s electricity, which we hardly need, two pretty decent beds, and mosquito nets to cover the beds, an added bonus. The bathrooms are clean and while the showers have only cold water, it’s been warm enough that I haven’t really missed the hot water.

We’re expecting a visit from one of my cousins tomorrow, and then I think will head out on Saturday. The cabana is booked up that night so we need to leave here that afternoon anyway.

Since my life the past several days has involved nothing more than eating, enjoying a cold beer or two, swimming, and generally lounging around, I will leave this a much shorter blurb than the last one. Till next time!

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  1. Glad to hear you're having such a great time! Soak up some extra sun for me! xo